Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our new president is faced with a difficult decision – what strategy will work to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda – and find Osma bin Laden. “Asking for patience until he completes an assessment of the situation over the next few weeks, the president urged lawmakers to keep their minds open to a nuanced range of options,” writes Christi Parsons and James Oliphant, Obama mulls middle ground in Afghanistan war strategy, October 7, 2009:

According to Parsons and Oliphant the president is considering a middle range of the spectrum, “somewhere between a major increase in forces and a large drawdown,” they write. They also note that the president is caught in the middle facing pressure from fellow Democrats who prefer a draw down and Republicans “eager to boost the war effort.”

Clearly our new president has advisors who are offering reasonable options however, I believe one advisor he needs to confer with is former Secretary of State and retired Army General Collin Powell. Why Powell? The retired general certainly understands the impact of sending men and women into harms way. Powell also understands what it means to serve in combat – he served two tours of duty in Vietnam. This would not be the first time President Obama has sought advice from Powell. According to an article by Sarah Baxter and posted at TIMESONLINE,, the former secretary of state twice met Barack Obama when he was the Democratic candidate, to advise him on foreign policy. This was a good strategy then and would be a good strategy now.

If America destroys Al Qaeda and finds Osma bin Laden this will bring closure to the victims of the 9/11 attack on our country. America needs justice – bin Laden needs to face an American jury and answer for his crimes. Eight years ago when our forces launched the attack in Afghanistan this was the goal. It is unfortunately that our government allowed Iraq and Saddam Hussein to distract us. Hussein is gone and now our focus must be Al Qaeda and Osma bin Laden. More than likely more troops are needed. This is sad -- as a mother and grandmother I undersand how hard it is to make that supreme sacriface and lose our love ones, however as a military woman and an American I understand that service men and women may often be called upon to risk their lives for their country and ultimately die for their country. Iraq was an unfortunate distration but now we need to finish the business Osma bin Laden started eight years ago when he attacked our nation.
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