Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Am I the only one who is tired of the media's obsession with David Letterman's escapades? Okay, he had sex with women on his staff -- he is not the first man or woman to do that. Was it wrong? Yes. Does it have any impact on anyone's life other than his wife, child and staff? No.

It is time to admit that we are human and sometimes make poor choices. During one of my graduate classes, I don't remember which class as there are so many courses psych grad students have to take, I learned that we tend to hold others around us to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. That means we expect others to overlook our dumb mistakes, however we are often unwilling to give others the same break.

Currently, there are some who are shocked and scandalized because Dave Letterman did not live up to their standard. Our standards are personal and don't have anyhing to do with anyone else. I don't mean to sound like a psychologist -- I'm supposed to be in recovery from my former profession. I just believe there are so many real issues that need attention -- issues that impact or communities. David Letterman's behavior does not impact our communities.

It is probably good to take a look at our own behavior, ask ourselves what can we learn from Letterman's disclosure and perhaps commit to avoiding the same mistakes --and get back to debating real issues such as child abuse, domestic violence, crime and get out of our celebrities bedrooms.

Don't get me started talking about the feeding frenzy around Jon and kate:-)
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